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British Columbia Gardening Books:

Vegetable Gardening for BC

Full-colour photographs. • Detailed information on gardening basics, garden styles, recommended varieties and seasonal care.

272 pages

Annuals for British Columbia

281 best annuals for BC in a richly illustrated, colourful guide.

256 pages

Best Garden Plants for British Columbia

Beautiful photography with comprehensive information on selecting and caring for plants. • Recommended species for different regions of BC

176 pages

Small Space Gardening for Canada

Make the most of limited space using innovative containers, raised beds, succession planting and vertical gardening. • “Top Three” annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruits and herbs to grow in small spaces.

176 pages

British Columbia Nature Guides:

Birds of British Columbia

Full-colour illustrations and detailed descriptions of 325 species. • Range maps show seasonal occurrences of migration routes. • Colour-coded header bars and a quick reference guide.

384 pages

Plants of Coastal BC

794 species of plants commonly found along the Pacific coast from Oregon to Alaska, including trees, shrubs, wildflowers, aquatic plants, grasses, ferns, mosses and lichens.

528 pages

Amphibians of WA, OR, & BC

Color photographs and illustrated keys of 38 species help identify all life stages. • Descriptions of life histories, habitat requirements and vulnerabilities.

186 pages

Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada

530 colour photographs and 125 illustrations. • Survival fundamentals as food and medicine

448 pages